Latest Update!

Hi!  I am currently in the process of getting my Etsy shop up and running. If you have been following my blog the past week, you know that I have decided to take the next step with my crocheting and start an online shop. I received many local orders for items this past Christmas and accompanied with a large wave of support from friends and family I started, Simply Jazy Crochet Shop.

I don’t have items listed just yet but I am in the process of taking photos. As soon as I have everything set up I will be sure to inform everyone. Until then feel free to please stop by my social media sites and follow me if you haven’t already. Also, please visit my shops page and follow me there as well. Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Please follow me at my various accounts below. Thank You!

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Welcome to my Blog, From the Scars!

About My Blog:

Hi! My name is Jazmine and welcome to my blog!

I started my blog, From the Scars, because throughout my life I have felt alone, so I decided to start writing this blog, where I could share my struggles and hopefully find others who could relate to me. I didn’t want to feel alone and I wanted to find a community where I could feel like I belonged. I also wanted to provide a place where people could find comfort and even a friend so that they wouldn’t have to feel alone, either.

But as the weeks went by, I realized this was only one aspect of who I was and wanted to branch out and include the various parts of me. Which is when I decided my blog’s niche would be a Lifestyle one. I have added stories about myself and my family, self-help articles, daily quotes that I love, and my favorite “Music Monday.” I have so many other parts of me I am looking forward to sharing. I love to draw, write (stories, aside from my blog), cooking, and making crafts. So I am hoping to add a D.I.Y, drawing, and cooking section to my site in the near-future.

About Me & My Family:

I am 29 and live in beautiful New Bern, North Carolina with my husband and eight-year-old son. We have lived here about three years. Before we moved to North Carolina my husband and I were born and raised in Long Island, New York. We were in the process of moving to Florida, but a short visit to my brother, who was stationed in North Carolina at the time, lead to us staying in North Carolina with him and his wife asked us.

My husband is a Store Manager at Waffle House and is almost done with his Bachelors in Computer Science and about to start his Masters, so proud of him.


My son is eight-years-old and will be turning nine in October. He is now in 4th grade, I am also super proud of him too. He is growing up too fast. I remember when he was a little chubby baby running around my dad’s house.

img_2851Together the three of us make up a fun and at times a wacky bunch. I love my family and I am excited to share the wonderful things we do from time to time when life permits.

I adore my blog because it has given me a chance to connect with a variety of supportive people and start to embrace myself and the many wonderful things I have in my life. I hope that people will take this journey with me and follow along with my blog because there is tons of fun and excitement to come.